Details of Your Journey

Safety Of Participants

Class size capped at 30 participants to optimise interaction. High instructor-to-participant ratio of 1:5 is maintained for all activities. Dedicated safety networks and team are in place during physical activities. Ensuring all safety aspects are taken care of.

Singapore is the safest country in Asia and 6th safest in the world.

Experienced and Proficient Team

Our Management team maintains the focus of the smooth running of our programs. Our team is aligned to our core values of safety, interactive education and experiential growth.  Facilitators are assigned based on their specialised skillset and experience.

Refined, Structured Immersion Programs

Asia GiftEd offers camps where participants can join our bespoke programs. Developed and fine tuned over the decades, we ensure each program is fun and valuable learning experience, with specific goals for every age group. Each participant receives a certificate of their accomplishments at the end of program.

Memories to last a Lifetime

Asia GiftEd programs offer participants the exclusive opportunity to form international network whilst learning new skills, making positive memories while having lots of fun. We recognise that parents like to share in their child’s camp experience as well, so we have put in place a parallel program “Asia Elite” for parents to enjoy themselves while sharing precious milestone moments with their children.

Facts About the Program


  • Diversified food culture
  • Melting pot of world’s best food
  • Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Umami, yes!
  • Freshest ingredients
  • Unforgettable trip & great food!!


  • Known to many as Garden City Civilization
  • Wild Life Harmonious Co-existence Ancient Rain Forest, the heart of the Our City
  • Mangroves, Bird Sanctuary
  • Villages untouched with the passing of time


Learning through bespoke adventure curriculum reinforcing academic learning, infusing outdoor skills displaced by technology.

  • The module focuses on:
  • Leadership development
  • Team Bonding
  • Social skills
  • Crisis communication
  • Outdoor survival Skills

Administrative Instructions to Participants

Asia Gifted programs are engineered to enrich participants with cultural, experiential learning and Sharing. We have prepared the following as the protocol to ensure that the immersion experience is safe and fun for all participants.


Our program starts in the morning. If you opt for the stay-over program, kindly arrange with us to ensure that pick up can be arranged at the airport. Please ensure you remain contactable so that we will update you once we have pickup your child from the airport.

If you opt for the day program, we will let you know the drop off and pick up address and timing for your child depending on the day’s program

Electronics Policy

We do not restrict the participants from bringing their mobile devices. Your child is to assume full responsibilities for their own devices and we will not be held liable should any of their belongs be lost or damaged during the course of the activities.

We strongly emphasized that mobile phones should only be used during the participants' free time. As a basic courtesy to others, participants should refrain from using the mobile during all sessions. After all, your child did not travel so far to have a “mobile phone experience”.

Dietary Requirements

Kindly update on the participant's dietary needs at least 5 working days prior to program commencement. We strongly encourage participants to immerse in the culinary experience Singapore has to offer and take bold steps in acquiring foreign taste buds.

Medical Forms and Information

Please declare in full your child medical conditions, including but not limited to allergies. This allows us to take additional precaution over the well-being of your child during the activities. If they need any medication, please kindly inform us beforehand. All necessary information and dosage are to be labelled correctly. We will remind your child to take the necessary medication and check the correct dosage prior to taking medication.

All information provided will be held with greatest sensitivity and confidentiality.


In event of unfortunate medical emergency, your child safety is of paramount importance. We will send your child to the nearest medical institution and will keep you informed on any updates from the relevant medical professional.

We will contact you for administration and insurance claim follow up once your child is safely attended to.

Please also be informed that the medical procedures and treatment may differ from what you and your child are used to in your home country. However do rest assured that local medical institution will spare no effort in administering treatment for your child.


We advise you to purchase the relevant insurance coverage for your child during their travel and tenor of the program. We require the details of the insurance policy to be emailed to us prior to their travel. The insurance would ensure adequate coverage for your child in the unlikely event of medical needs.

Camp Conduct

Singapore pride herself as a multi-racial, religious harmonious and equal for all. 

On a best effort basis, we would ensure our participants receive equal opportunities in the learning journey. In any rare events you child experience unjust treatment from participants or they are in anyway uncomfortable, please inform our course facilitator or program directors. By the same token, do note that we will endeavor to counsel and mediate any issue that may arise during the program. In the event participants do not exhibit acceptable social behavior, we reserve all rights to bar the participants from taking part in the module. These includes but are not limited to;

  1. Use of drugs other than that which are medically prescribed

  2. Smoking

  3. Sexually offensive behavior

  4. Threatening or physical abuse

Do note that any behavior or action which breaks the local law will be referred to and dealt with by local authorities and any monetary fines imposed must be paid for by the participants. Asia Gifted Pte Ltd and our contracted service providers do not assume responsibility or legal liability on the behavior exhibited by participants.

Emergency Contact

Our Program Contact Lines are open 24 hours for you to contact us and in any event you need to reach your child. We will provide this number upon confirmation of the program for your child.


We do not encourage participants to bring cash exceeding USD 1000 or expensive belongings. These should be deposited with the lodging facilities upon arrival. These belongings are the sole responsibilities of the participants. We do not assume responsibilities for the loss or damage of valuables and assets of the participantsat any time.

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